Wolftactics: A blast from the past

June 10, 2007

It’s great when you stumble on a bit of your own past, as I did here.

This was my first game project, a modification for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I was Lead User Interface, as well as a level designer. It was great fun, and ended up being a nice total conversion, even if it didn’t last too long popularity wise. We got around 20,000 downloads within 48 hours of release, and (somebody correct me if they know better), we were the first game to feature wave-based parachute spawning! It is a great feeling to see how people had fun with your own creations – one of the reasons for my interest in the games industry.

We even got reviewed in PC Gamer and PC Format, scans following.

PC amer review scan

PC format scan

Unfortunately the site is not online any more. It is still up on archive.org at wolftactics.com, if anyone is bored.